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                                                                            Automatic test taping packaging machine for IC tray

                                                                            l Machine capacity: L1200xW900xH1750mm
                                                                            l Face height: about 850mm
                                                                            l Power supply:AC220V/50HZ
                                                                            l Air supply:0.6~0.8Mpa
                                                                            l Working environment:-5~50℃(away from corrosive harmful gas, floating dust and other severe environment)



                                                                            Use:the taping packages of a variety of IC tray (BGA,QFN,etc) products

                                                                                 Performance and parameter

                                                                            Loading modeautomatic loading, manual placing tray, multi-trays loading at one time, which short the manual loading time to achieve one person operating several machines.

                                                                            Packing mode: automatic sealing and furling.

                                                                            Taking and loading mechanical hand: the mechanical hand can taking and loading several material one time and the place position could be accurate and efficient.(can set the taking quantities and mode in advance)

                                                                            Positional accuracy of mechanical hand:±0.05mm

                                                                            Specification of tapes for machinecan proceed cold/heat-sealing packing for 8mm~24mm width tapes

                                                                            Operation mode:import PLC control, stable temperature, accurate counting, touch-screen operation interface ensure directly and simply operation, meet numerical control and humanized requirements

                                                                            With exception automatic alarm system, safety reset, scram button, caution lamp, etc, thorough safety warning fence.

                                                                            Machine capacity: L1200xW900xH1750mm

                                                                            Face height: about 850mm

                                                                            Power supply:AC220V/50HZ

                                                                            Air supply0.6~0.8Mpa

                                                                            Working environment-5~50℃(away from corrosive harmful gas, floating dust and other severe environment.

                                                                            Function for choice:a CCD recognition system could be added to select products with bad characters ,bad pins, bad appearances and other defective performances.

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