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                                                                            Detection machine after Taping

                                                                            l Working environment: 0℃ ~ 50℃(there no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)
                                                                            l Power supply:AC220V/50HZ(Customer confirms in advance)
                                                                            l Air supply:0.4~0.6MPa
                                                                            l Power: 0.8KW;
                                                                            l Total weight: 180KG



                                                                            Use:The SMD components after taping can be visually detected, such as appearance, size, number etc.

                                                                                Performance and parameter

                                                                            Machine efficiency: 200-600pcs/min( machine efficiency is different greatly due to different complexity level of CCCD visual inspection item.)

                                                                            Test items:Whether there are some bad conditions such as character error, character retyping, appearance defect, vacancy in the tape , 180 - degree flip, the number of detection elements recorded precisely in the tape after taping is done.

                                                                            Applicable product: Taped products with tape width of 8MM,12MM,16MM,24MM,32MM(Other width can be customized)

                                                                            Control mode: touch screen man-machine interface, CCD camera+detection software+monitor,Chinese subtitles, easy to operate, the detection number of taping can be set at will, alarm prompt realizes that machine alarms automatically when NG product is detected. Pause and label the defective product.

                                                                                 Machine size: L1200*W520*H1550;

                                                                            Working environment: 0℃ ~ 50(there no corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment.)

                                                                            Power supply:AC220V/50HZ(Customer confirms in advance)

                                                                            Air supply:0.4~0.6MPa

                                                                            Power: 0.8KW;

                                                                            Total weight: 180KG

                                                                            Machine features:Wide applicable range. Machine runs stably. It ensures that appearance, dimension and packaging quantity of delivered products etc quality security.

                                                                            Other functions can be discussed and confirmed in advance according to the requirements of customer.

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