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                                                                            Automatic Winding & Welding Machine

                                                                            l Machine Size: L1200mm*W820mm*H1950mm
                                                                            l Running Mode: Linear
                                                                            l Feeding Mode: Composed of vibratory bowl, feeding mechanism, etc.;
                                                                            l Applicable Product: T-CORE20/30/40 series inductor


                                                                            Model number: AM-TRX-10

                                                                            Application: This equipment is a winding equipment designed for the T-CORE 20/30/40 series of products, including the functions of vibratory bowl automatic feeding, reclaiming, winding, turning, cutting, hot pressing, flattening, and waste discharge.

                                                                            Performance and parameters

                                                                            Machine Size: L1200mm*W820mm*H1950mm

                                                                            Running Mode: Linear

                                                                            Feeding Mode: Composed of vibratory bowl, feeding mechanism, etc.;

                                                                            Applicable Product: T-CORE20/30/40 series inductor

                                                                            Range of Wire Diameter:  Flat wire: thickness: 0.02mm-0.12mm,width: 0.09mm-0.34mm;Round wire: 0.055mm-0.12mm(Other wires can be confirmed separately

                                                                            Winding Mode: Top and bottom winding (Alpha winding)

                                                                            Capacity: Cycle: 2.8sec/PCS(Less than 10 cycles);Unit Capacitor Per Month: 24PCS/min×60 min×528 hours=1452K PCS

                                                                            Operation Control Way: 1.import PLC control, accurate counting, touch-screen operation interface ensure directly and simply operation, meet numerical control and humanized requirements.

                                                                            2.With exception automatic alarm system, safety reset, scram button, caution lamp, etc, thorough safety warning fence.

                                                                            Working Environment: 0-50℃(No corrosive and harmful gas and flying dust etc severe environment

                                                                            Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ

                                                                            Weight: 650kg

                                                                            Air Supply: 0.450.6MPa

                                                                            Power: 3.5kw

                                                                            Equipment features: 1. The equipment structure adopts modular design which with strong versatility, easy and fast to change model.

                                                                            2. Reasonable layout with simple and stable action to complete the winding which improves the stability and production capacity of the equipment.

                                                                            Other functions can be discussed and confirmed in advance according to the requirements of customer.

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