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                                                                            Peel Strength Tester

                                                                            l Pull test range: 0 ~ 1000g/f
                                                                            l Test precision: 0.001g
                                                                            l Stripping speed: 330mm/min
                                                                            l Stripping angle: 165 ~180 degrees
                                                                            l Test width: 4 ~ 88mm


                                                                            Model Number: TT-20

                                                                            Purpose: Mainly be used for testing of peel strength of braiding of all kinds of SMD.

                                                                                 Performance and parameters

                                                                            Have high-precision digital-display meter. It can display the tensile force value of every time point accurately.

                                                                            Adopt stepping motor to ensure the precision and stability of belt speed and make test value close to true value.

                                                                            Test fixture is simple,fast and reliable. It can be used for tapes of various specifications.

                                                                            Tensile force values can be recorded and analyzed through connection with computer. The pull-up curve comes into view timely. The upper limit and lower limit, average value and fluctuation scope etc are provided automatically. It is convenient for user to correct sealing parameters timely.

                                                                            All sealing conditions can be saved automatically. Test result can be filed automatically.

                                                                            Pull test range: 0 ~ 1000g/f

                                                                            Test precision: 0.001g

                                                                            Stripping speed: 330mm/min

                                                                            Stripping angle: 165 ~180 degrees

                                                                            Test width: 4 ~ 88mm

                                                                            Used tapes: plastic tape and paper tape

                                                                            Power supply:single phase AC220V,50HZ

                                                                            Measured length:(can be set individually) standard: 300mm can be set.

                                                                            Machine size: L800 x W230 x H260mm

                                                                            Machine weight: around 6.5KG 

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